One major difference between Chinese and western medicine is the value placed on disease prevention. Chinese medicine describes two of the main causes of disease being imbalanced emotions or lifestyle which weaken the body, and environmental or seasonal influences which can then penetrate the body.

This knowledge offers considerable response-ability to the individual to self-administer changes that will support health rather than undermine it. Think – a balanced diet, adequate sleep, enough activity, calmness and connection.

In an age where we have too much of everything, precious resources are drained and demand for quick fixes is high, Chinese medicine asks us to go slow, to feel and adjust to the moment, listen to the deeper needs of the body.

Making a point to check in with a treatment every month is an enriching and strengthening commitment to your health which prevents illness arising or becoming deeply entrenched.

Walk a hundred paces after a meal and one can live ninety-nine years.

Chinese saying


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