Stress & trauma

Resolve & manage pain

How do you manage stress?
Are you one of those people who cannot find time to stop and unwind?
Are life circumstances such that stress is unavoidable?

By intermittently relieving stress build-up you will find you can manage the day to day better. There are no prizes for ‘running oneself ragged’ or ‘toughing it out’, in fact you may be setting up the right environment for deeper illness to develop later-on.

Ongoing stress weakens the body, heightens the reactions of the nervous system which agitates the mind. Symptoms often associated with stress responses like:

Teeth grinding and clenching
IBS diarrhoea/constipation
PMS and menstrual pain
Poor appetite and digestion
Sleep disturbance
Body pains
Anxiety and depression
Worsening skin conditions
Recurrent colds and flu

Daily exercise, a good night’s sleep, meditation and moral support all help reduce an overload of stress. People using acupuncture for stress relief rest very, very deeply.

Surprising perhaps but true! If Acupuncture is not your style you could try receiving a Shiatsu massage treatment. The relaxed feeling of a Shiatsu treatment occurs as the hands work over the body with slow steady pressure, firm but not too firm. Time seems to stop as gradually you recover a sense of peace and unified self. ReOrient is all about resetting body and mind onto a path towards health.

Taffy has worked extensively with people who are:
Recovering from trauma
Going through Big life transitions
Rehabilitating from drug addiction
Living with chronic illness
Working long, hard hours
Making babies and raising children

Make some time for lovely relaxation, gentle nourishment, letting go and healing.

“Relaxed and unwound, yet acutely sensitive, In solitude you delight in your own person”.
~ Original Tao, 4th century BCE