Shiatsu Therapy

Literally translated as ‘finger pressure’, Shiatsu is a hands-on, whole body massage treatment which uses the same diagnostic and treatment principles as Chinese medicine. It’s a piece of serenity with good, slow body work pitched just right for you.

Thorough full hour sessions are given on a futon mattress at ground level. The steadying and sensitive pressure of a Shiatsu treatment allows the receiver to relax very deeply. Needless to say this is marvellous for muscle tension and stress, relaxation, anxiety and depression, during pregnancy and afterwards, after trauma or through grief. Shiatsu touch is deeply reconnecting, encouraging the bodies innate healing processes to engage.

Pressure may be gentle or quite firm depending on each client’s needs. Either way tension melts away so you may even fall asleep! There is no need to disrobe for a shiatsu. Wear loose,  comfortable clothes – no jeans please.

To cast off worry there is nothing better than music.

Original Tao, 4th century BCE


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