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Our holistic practice is committed to health, the philosophies of Chinese and oriental medicines, living life to the fullest and good old fashioned common sense.

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Taffy ~ primary practitioner

Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu therapy.
B.H.Sc. Chinese Medicine, Victoria University 2002
B.H.Sc. Acupuncture, Victoria University 2005
Dip. Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies, Australian Shiatsu College, 1996

With twenty years clinical experience, and a lifetime of anticipated learning ahead, sessions at ReOrient are considered, thorough and sensitive. The clinic space is serene, private and comfortable. Be assured of quality herbal medicine and treatment outcomes reflective of your body and mind’s re-orientation towards balance.

I have spent time between degrees learning from doctors of Chinese medicine and Tui Na in Singapore and Malaysia and continually attend professional seminars here in Australia. My interests include women’s health, pregnancy and birth, stress relief and pain management, recovery from trauma, respiratory and neurological disorders. Volunteering at the ASRC with asylum seekers, working with victims of crime and with drug rehabilitation provide avenues to give widely to the community and reflect my belief that good healthcare is a basic human right.

I believe that most people want and can have more control over their health. That many problems modern Australians face can be addressed and self-regulated with balanced diets, exercises, herbal remedies and therapies that reduce stress by opening up the bodies energetic systems.


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