Developed and tested over 2000 years and practised today all over the world, Acupuncture is the careful placement of ultra-fine needles into specific points along meridian pathways on the body. It is renowned for restoring overall health balance and reducing pain. It wasn’t long ago in the west that acupuncture was seen as some kind of ‘quackery’. But today Acupuncture is widely used by the population and more rigorous, clinical research is being conducted to try and understand how it works and if treatment can be standardized and outcomes foreseen. A small part of Acupuncturists techniques is being embraced by osteopaths, doctors and physiotherapists in the form known as dry needling. Be informed, dry needling is used simply to relax and unwind a muscle that is contracted. It is not the same as an acupuncture treatment from a fully trained practitioner.

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At reOrient your treatment is tailored for you, based on the dis-ease pattern described by your signs and symptoms. By carefully combining acupuncture points according to traditional Chinese medical theory we aim to correct a pattern of disharmony which is affecting the normal workings of a healthy body.

We can assist with conditions such as arthritic pains, back and neck pain, fatigue, soft tissue injury, post-surgical recovery, insomnia, anxiety, depression, assist with drug withdrawal, headaches, vertigo, morning sickness and pregnancy related complaints, digestive complaints, respiratory illnesses, colds and flu, sinusitis, menstrual problems. In my clinic I see a great result of regular acupuncture sessions is the reduction of stress held in the body. That’s one reason why it can be so useful for many different health problems.

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